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Discharge Planning

Is the Department of Health’s guidance ready to go?

Planning the discharge and the transfer of patients from hospital and intermediate care can be frightening. In addition to the physical ill-health or trauma that triggered admission, hospital environments can be daunting and confusing, and particularly for people who are ill, frail or vulnerable.

This essential guide aims to offer practitioners ideas to help support improvements in how they manage hospital discharge of individuals and transfer of care between settings.

It also covers;

Care transfer is an essential part of care management in any setting and it bestows responsibilities on organisations, systems and individuals. Smooth and effective care transfer ensures that health and social care systems are proactive in supporting individuals, their families and carers. It also ensures that resources are used effectively.

If you are an inspiring nurse, someone who has been affected, or has an interest in the care of patients; then this resource is for you! With a range of principles and steps to follow this Discharge planning practice guide will give you an understanding and the tips on how to improve on your practice which the Department of Health have initiated.

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